marți, 7 octombrie 2014

I am very satisfied, but I don't deserve what happens!
Even that I didn't have any activity on my blog for months, this week I already have 38 visitors!
Thank you very much everyone!
You don't even think how much you helped me, how much meant for me that all the time I saw that the number of interested persons about my problem increased continuously.
Thank you for all the power that I took from each of you, from everywhere you are, from India to United States, from Sweden to Spain.
That power that you gave me, my friends from everywhere, in the most difficult moments of my career, obliges me to continue.
All the best for you all and thank you very much once again!
I will keep you informed!

2 comentarii:

  1. Just to get the things right: This is not YOUR problem. It is the problem of a system. A national system connected, hopefully, to other similar regional and international systems. And now about giving and getting: this is totally wrong. It is all about sharing and collaborating. Your blog represents an opportunity for less audacious persons to express themselves. It is a platform. And I, as a non audacious person, I thank you for that. And now, for my opinion: Well, as long we pretend to be civilized, we have to stick to the law. If we claim to be superior, we just have to adapt the law, using legal, I repeat, legal ways. That sums it up, isn't it?

  2. Interesting point of view which is written is all about sharing and collaborating...but these two words subsume other words like dialogue and of course the real willingness of everyone who is involved to find those legal ways...